The United Nations Security Council (SC) is one of the most well-known councils within the United Nations. The council was founded in 1949 with the goal to maintain international peace and security for the decades to come. It consists of five permanent members (France, China, UK, USA, Russia), who are the so-called veto- powers and ten non-permanent members that are elected for two years. The council acts to respond to threats of international peace and security, such as conflicts and international terrorism and therefore has special rules under the UN Charter that go beyond other UN committees. They also act whenever there is a political settlement needed in conflicts and are the only committee that can deploy, change, supervise and monitor peacekeeping missions.

Topic 1: The situation in Western Sahara

The region of West-Sahara is considered to be one of the last remaining "colonial outposts" in the world and is rattled with a lasting multifaceted post-colonial conflict. After winning independence from Spain to this date, there is an ongoing land conflict between the Kingdom of Morocco and a Sahrawi group called Frente Polisario. In the shadow of this conflict, several human rights abuses have occurred, ranging from sexual violence to targeting of civilians, as well as intentional displacement. Additionally, multiple state parties such as Morocco, Algeria and well as others are involved in the conflict. Despite efforts from the international community and the UN to develop a political solution, reconciliation has not been reached between the stakeholders with a planned political process,  being stagnant. Relevant UN-bodies commit to the situation in numerous ways and it’s evident that the West-Sahara Conflict is a prioritized area in regard to establishing peace and stability in the MENA-region in the future.

...including an exciting crisis scenario!

Available Countries: 

Permanent members*: People's Republic of China, USA, Russian Federation, UK, France

Non-permanent members: Bolivia, Cote D'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea,  Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Sweden 

*These countries are given to experienced delegates as a priority.

Mathilda Gustafsson
Committee Head Chair

I am very pleased to present myself as one of the two co-chairs in The Security Council. Which to me is one of the most exciting organs of the UN.  My name is Mathilda Gustafsson, I am 22 years old and have for the past few years been living in Paris, studied French, lived in Oslo and worked as assistant manager at a bakery and now am currently studying PolKand at Uppsala University. I started off as a delegate in high school and participated in both smaller MUNs as well as the National SweMun for high school students, and the huge WorldMun organized by Harvard University. Since then I have been a chair at my old high school, and a few others through The Swedish UN Association, the last time was in April at SweMun. Other than being engaged in these activities I have a whole family of plants at home that needs constant care, I also like crossword puzzles and lazy Sundays. Can’t wait to see you all at MunMö!

Sebastian Nilsson Qvist
Committee Chair

My name is Sebastian and I am studying political science at Lund university. I have long and comprehensive background in MUNing, which have over the years become one of my favourite extra activities. This interest has taken me to interesting places such as Barcelona, Oxford, and of course Malmö; invaluable experiences for future educational and work-related tasks. This will be my first-time chairing at Munmö, which I look very deeply forward to.