Malmö University

Malmö University is a young, modern and international university. With about a third of the students having an international background, the university strives to recognize this in every aspect of their educational programmes and to create a truly international study environment. Malmö University’s mission is to be an active hub for research, education and innovation that benefit a global society. The activities of Malmö University are centred on the major challenges in our society today and they strive to become a university open to the world around us.




The Student Union Malmö

The Student Union Malmö is the main body that provides support for the students. It does not only ensure that the rights of the students are respected, but also helps strengthen the student influence and impact in their academic life. Further on, the Student Union Malmö works hard to give all students the possibility to enjoy different activities: from joining one of their associations to having some fika with the Union or taking part the Music Picnic. Finally, as their motto says ‘The Union is big when you feel small. The Union is committed when you can’t be. The Union lets you have fun in your spare time’.





Folkuniversitetet is a Swedish study association, which works mainly with adult education and culture. On the domestic level, they provide support and encouragement for all people, who express a desire to enrich themselves through learning. Internationally, Folkuniversitetet runs numerous activities such as language courses, courses abroad and projects aiming to increase knowledge and awareness among their participants. Finally, Folkuniversitetet has a very pronounced environmentally friendly stance and has worked hard to implement this in every level of their organization.




Malmö UNA

Malmö United Nations Association was created in 1955 and we are one of the oldest associations in Sweden. We are a non-profit organization and our main focus is in areas such as peace and security, human rights and democracy, poverty reduction and development.Our goal is to work for a better and stronger United Nations; in Malmö, Sweden and the World. Everyone within our organization is working voluntarily, nevertheless it our vision of a better world that drives us.