The Model United Nations of Malmö - MUNmö, originally MUNOM - is a project started in 2013 by the Malmö Association of Foreign Affairs (Utrikespolitiska Föreningen i Malmö in Swedish - UF Malmö), a politically and religiously independent, non-profit student association that provides weekly lectures, debates, seminars, and other events related to international politics and global awareness. MUNmö is an independent committee of the association, with its own structure, sponsors, and budget, and functions as such.

Prior to the establishment of MUNmö, UF Malmö, in collaboration with Malmö University, had a long history of participation in prestigious Model United Nations (MUN), having sent delegations to NMUN (Washington) and PIMUN (Paris). The accumulated expertise and the realization that there is a lack of United Nations simulations in Sweden led UF Malmö to establish MUNmö, and plan its very first conference in November 2013. After five successful editions, MUNmö has become one of the most important MUNs in Scandinavia, attracting about 100 delegates, chairs, and staff members from all around Europe every year.

We believe MUNs are the perfect learning platforms for internationally minded students. This type of conference provides delegates with a valuable educational experience, allowing them to voice their opinions, developing them as individuals. The horizon of our participants expands as they are challenged to think outside of their perspective, evolve within a multi-cultural environment, and through the simulations, learn to act for the benefit of everyone.

We strive to provide an excellent educational platform to local and international students, in a warm environment that will leave an excellent, deep-rooted memory for all participants.