Brussels Model European Union

Brussels Model European Union of 2018 is a large-scale simulation of the European Institutions to be held in the heart of the EU itself. The goal is to educate citizens of Europe and abroad about the workings and decision-making procedures of the European Union, and in that way contribute to a more democratic and informed community.

KU Leuven Model United Nations

The ninth annual KU Leuven Model United Nations will be held from in the spring in the cozy city of Leuven, Belgium. Prospective delegates can choose between six committees. In said committees, they will be able to hold debates concerning hot international topics on a highly academic level during the day, and enjoy various legendary socials during the evenings (and seemingly endless nights). You don’t want to miss this! /

Belgrade Model European Union

Belgrade Model European Union (BEUM) is all about gathering more than 300 future young leaders of the Old Continent together with one main goal – to simulate the decision making procedures within the European Union. It is about strengthening connections between young professionals, exchanging different ideas, meeting different cultures and languages, practicing personal skills, and learning about how the European Union really functions and how can the young people make their voice heard in those processes.

Finnish Model United Nations

FinMUN was founded in 2004 and has so far focused on establishing a solid basis for Model United Nations (MUN) activities in Finland through building relationships with public and private sector contacts, namely the various UN representations and affiliates in Finland. Cooperation with MUN societies is also a central feature of our work. FinMUN belongs to the United Nations Youth and Students’ Association of Finland (Sykli) and to the UN Association of Finland. FinMUN is a member organization of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. Although our headquarters are in Helsinki active members come from all over Finland. /

Rome Model United Nations

Rome MUN is Europe's largest diplomatic simulation of the United Nations. The Rome Model United Nations has reached its 10th edition with the patronage and support of major international institutions. 2000 delegates from around the world, prestigious guests, and an innovative approach to foster greater involvement, and debate from the youth on current international issues is what will make this RomeMUN one to remember. /