For those arriving at Malmö Sturup Airpot (MMX) 

Malmö Airport is located 30 km from Malmö and offers buses from Malmö Airport to Malmö Central. Flygbussarna Airport Coaches depart directly outside the airport terminal, and take you conveniently to central Malmö. The travel time is approximately 40 minutes to Malmö Centralen but can vary depending on the time of day and traffic situation.

Ticket Prices (Flygbussarna)

Malmö Airport - Malmö City Center

Ticket type App/Online Full Price
Adult Round-trip 199 SEK 209 SEK
Adult 105 SEK 115 SEK
Youth Round-trip 169 SEK 179SEK
Youth 85 SEK 95 SEK
10 one way 945 SEK 945 SEK

Where To Buy Tickets

The easiest way to get a ticket is by purchasing one at any Pressbyrån located by the exit at the airport terminal. This is highly recommended. Try and buy your tickets before you board as it makes the boarding process easier, and helps the bus to leave on time. If you happen to have access to the internet see the bus schedule here: flygbussarna.se or check the bus schedule at the bus stop located right outside the airport terminal.

Below are other options for purchasing a ticket for the Airport Coaches (Flygbussarna).

At the airport

The options include ticket machines by the exit to the bus,  Pressbyrån (open 6.30-21.00), 7-Eleven (open 7.00-23.00) or the Visitor Center (information desk) which is open 06.00-20.00.

In Malmö

Pressbyrån Malmö Centralstation in the departure hall, Pressbyrån Malmö Södergatan, Pressbyrån Malmö Gustav Adolfs Torg,  Pressbyrån Malmö Södervärn Busstation

During travel

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches offers free WiFi onboard the bus. No login is required and you surf for free throughout the trip

Taxi Service

Taxis are also available from Malmö Airport to Malmö centralen, however they are expensive and most companies have a fixed prices to and from airports. They are usually parked right outside the airport terminal. Please note that rates may differ for travel between (Malmö MMX) Sturup - Malmö City Center. Always ask the taxi driver for the price before you get in the taxi.


For those arriving at Copenhagen Airpot (CPH) 

The fastest and most efficient way to travel to Malmö is by train. The average journey time between Copenhagen Airport CPH and Malmö Central is 20 minutes. If you are coming to Malmö from abroad and take a flight to Copenhagen, the platform for trains is easily accessible once you exit the Baggage Claim area. See the image to the right for instructions on where to go and where to buy your train tickets (Skånetrafiken has red ticket machines).

Train ticket prices From CPH

The one-way fare is SEK 105.

NOTE: If you happen to have access to the internet please see the websites for train schedules: DSB,  SJOresundstrains

Arrival in Malmö

Within Malmö, depending on where you will be accommodated, you may need a train/bus ticket everyday to access the Conference Venue, Orkanen. Details about which buses are stopping at/close to Orkanen can be found in the Brochure you will receive when you arrive, however if you need more information before you can always ask us. Note that you need to buy your tickets at the train station since cash and credit cards are not accepted on the buses, and bus stops do not have a ticket machine. Our suggestion would be to get a 72-hour ticket that can be used within Malmö City, which costs 165 SEK (more details on this will come later on). There is a customer service office at Malmö Centralen (Skånetrafiken) where you can get more information and buy the 72-hour ticket (Malmö C exit from the platforms). If you would rather buy individual tickets, there is an app (both Android and iPhone) named Skånetrafiken which allows you to do so (Credit/Debit cards are needed for this). 

Bus schedules can be found right here: Reseplaneraren (English Available)