Layz Reynet
Conference Manager

"I was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Miami, Florida. I'm moving to Sweden to pursue a Master's in Economic Development at Lund University. I attended the University of Florida for a Bachelor's in Anthropology and decided to then pursue a career in development. My childhood in Cuba and Miami has shaped my desire to help lower-income communities and positively change the lives of those in developing countries. My ultimate goal is to work within one of the United Nations branches, and perhaps one day start my own nonprofit. This is my first experience with MUN, after I get behind the scenes experience with MUNmö, I would like to start participating at different MUNs as a delegate."

Jens Christian Trier
Assistant Conference Manager

"My name is Jens and I'm studying International Relations at Malmö University. I first learned about MUN while studying law at the University of Copenhagen. I became a board member of the local MUN club, planned training sessions, and we went as a delegation to WIMUN 2017 in New York. I think MUN is a great way to practice debating and meeting new people."

Daryl Tiglao
Secretary General

"I'm from the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Right now, I'm figuring out what I want to do in the future; this was after the conclusion of spending the last four years in law school. I started my MUN career almost three years ago at a small conference in St Andrews. Over numerous conferences I slowly developed as a delegate and stumbled across MUNmö in 2015 on my Erasmus exchange in Sweden. I came back one year later and got an award, and after hearing about the offer of being Secretary General, I applied for it instead of revising for my final exams. Model UN was an interest that grew on me – it wasn’t my cup of tea at first but I realised that it was a great excuse to see new places, meet new and interesting people, as well as developing various communication and presentation skills along the way. "

Sara Talhouk
Deputy Secretary General

"I was born in Sweden and grew up in Lebanon, due to that I always felt connected to learning about diverse cultures and understanding different mentalities. I participated in the first MUN that took place in Beirut in 2007, where my curiosity grew not only in wanting to learn about diverse cultures, but also in trying to diminish the gap among nations, it was why I studied International Relations and minored in Economics. Now, I’m back in Sweden discovering Malmö and learning more about the culture, hoping to share my diverse upbringing and contribute to bridging relationships among people from different backgrounds, and what better way to do that than being part of the MUNmö team."

Allan Ly
Human Resources Manager

"I enrolled for the first time in the MUN world in MUNmö 2016 as the Human Resources Assistant. I'm obtaining my BA in International Relation at Malmö University. My role as the Human Resource Manager demands of me to comfort all of the attending delegates and answer all the questions regardless of  how tiny they may seem. "

Maggie Muriithi
Communications Manager

"I will be joining University of Lund to pursue MSc Strategic communications. The main reason I am interested in MUN is to further familiarize myself with global diplomacy and international issues. I would like to be part of the solution to global issues. I look forward to networking, and learning about benchmarking ideas and policies, which I will bring back to my country after my studies."

 Lauriina Pernu
Logistics Manager

"My name is Lauriina and I am obtaining a Master's in Global Studies in Lund, Sweden. As the name of my study subject already tells, I'm interested in global changes and politics, and I think MUNmö is a great way to come together to discuss an important topic and understand others' points of view. And of course to see the beautiful city of Malmö!"