Prab Mann
Assistant Conference Manager

"My name is Prab and I first experienced MUN in high school and have since participated in several conferences. I see MUN as being a great way to help develop speaking skills and meet new people from all over the world. MUN conferences bring in a diverse collection of people which helps foster healthy and more well rounded understanding of issues that face the world and it is this that I along with the rest of the board will hope to deliver in MUNmö 2018."


Seréna Nilsson
Secretary General

"Hello! My name is Seréna Jessica Nilsson and I will be the Secretary General of the 2018 conference. I am a former peace and conflict student at Malmö University and right now I am doing my master in Middle Eastern studies at Lund University. I am very interested in politics and sports as a former athlete. I am looking forward to being the Secretary General of this conference and I am looking forward to seeing how the participants will turn this conference into one of the best MUNmö's with an interesting theme and committees."


Tanja Bah
Deputy Secretary General

"I am a 24 year-old graduate in Curating from the Ruhrarea in Germany with a BA in History and African Studies at Cologne. My MUN career began while studying abroad in Helsinki, where I attended my first few conferences for FinMun. I stumbled across MUNmö 2015 and have returned for each MUNmö since, first as delegate in the SC, then as chair. MUNing became a passion leading me to attend conferences all over Europe.  I have returned home this year and spend much my time either volunteering with different cultural,social and political organisations or travelling for MUNs in Southern Europe.I cant wait to reveal what we have planned for you this year  from new committees like UNESCO and UN Women to challenging crisis."


Liana Shabbar
Human Resources Manager

"Although I moved from the United States only a year ago, I am so happy to call Malmö my home! Before I moved, I was obtaining my Bachelor's in Physics at the University of California, Davis. Currently, I am obtaining a Bachelor's in International Relations at Malmö University where my interests lean toward global political economy and development. The most important part of my role in MUNmö 2018 is to make sure all of the delegates are happy and have all of their needs met. Do not hesitate to e-mail me your questions. I am looking forward to meeting you all!"


Alina Darie
Logistics Manager

"Originally from Romania, I have grown up in northern Italy and moved to Sweden in 2013. I have experienced different cultures which have shaped my personality and character. The funny cultural mix combined with a variate education, from natural science to business, and from political science to sustainability, motivated me to get involved and take personal action on the Global Goals. I consider education and taking individual action as key factors for a sustainable future, because how live today will influence how the future generations will live tomorrow!"


(Position currently unfilled)
Conference Manager

The conference manager is in charge of the direction of MUNmö and the sole entity legally resposible for the conference and activities. They oversee the operations and manage the performances of the board, ensure financial sustainability, and strive to expand the abilities of MUNmö.
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(Position currently unfilled)
Communications Manager

The communcations manager is responsible for all channels of communication and public relations for the conference. This position is perhaps the one requiring specific technical skills such as Photoshop, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, and content management.
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