Welcome to the official website of the Model United Nations of Malmö (MUNmö)! MUNmö is created under the umbrella of the Malmö Association of Foreign Affairs with the support of partners, sponsors and student associations. After numerous successful editions, MUNmö has established itself as one of the most prominent and sought out conferences in Scandinavia with a colourful group of participants.

At our conference, students from Sweden and from all over the world have the chance to take over the role of an international diplomat for a weekend and learn how diplomacy and foreign policy making works first hand. Aside from giving you a chance to try yourselves out in public speaking and cross-cultural communication,  our team works tiredlessly to deliver not just a great academic quality, but also interesting and unforgettable social experiences!

In MUNmö 2018 we are taking a look at a variety of challenges in the Middle Eastern and North African region  in 4 committees.

We hope you will join us for this year’s edition!